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Products manufactured and distributed by SARFE, S.A.

With 19 years on services (1989-2008) for restauration, shine, and maintenance; improved products and utensils, innovating and creating, optimizing performance and results. Manufacturing since 1995 packaging quarts, gallons and drums, and do export. Intellectual property registration. Our chemical’s production is Without Residues.


FLOOR CRYSTALLIZERS : Pink, Blue and Green

for floors and tops of marbles, serpentines, terrazzo, granite, cement-pressed tiles and concrete; by cohesion, the hard, antiskid, microcrystals protects increasing shine, long maintenance cycle and immediate use.
The White brightener cleans and polishes same surfaces, for best shine. All four are compatible with each other.

White brightener: cleans and polishes same surfaces, for best shine. All four are compatible with each other.


POLISH MARBLE: gives the natural brightness to all marbles, onyx, alabaster and serpentine on walls, floors and tops.

POLISH STONES: polishes stones and impregnates preventing most stains.

POLISH EMERIES: optimizes results of abrasive diamond disks, especially for walls, giving better results and maximum shines.

METALS SHINE: cleans and shines gold, silver, bronze, pewter and aluminum.

POLISH GLASSES: removes water stains as "fisheye".


Normal: for vinyl, polished terrazzo, varnished wood, wood furniture.

Strong: for polished terrazzo, sealed wood, and honed/polished stones.

Special: for natural wood, slate, quarry, stoneware.

Super: for clay tiles, handcraft tiles, refined/polish cement and concrete.


Stone Polishing Bar: for shining edges.

CLEAN FLOORS LP-4 CONCENTRATE: wet mope by spraying all kinds of floors.

DUST TRAP MALL-DET: with mop or cloth dry dust removal from floors and furnishings, no oily residues and of immediate use.

GLASS CLEANER: Cleans glass, formica, MDF, melamine, stainless steel, plastics, is a gentle cleanser.

CERAMIC TILE CLEANER: concentrate, cleans tiles, toilets, urinals, sinks, showers, it's a strong cleaner.
Limpia Carros:
Concentrado, (4-all) carrocería, cuerina/vinil, llantas y motores.

CAR CLEANER: concentrate, (4-all), body, dashboard, vinyl panels, plastics and rubber rugs, tires, rims and engines, depending on dilution proportions.

CLEAN POTS AND DISHES: concentrate, clean pots, dishes, china, glasses, cutlery.

LIQUID GEL: disinfects hands, toilet seats and most other surfaces.

STRIPERS: concentrate, strong alkali cleaners.
Superior: degreaser for natural oils on floors, stoves, kitchens, BBQs, stove room and more.
Special: degreaser for industrial and engine oils, parking lots, workshops, etc.
Combinated: the power of the Superior and the Special together.
Washer: for cleaning walls before painting, floors, mops, work clothing.
Pads or sponges: Discs natural fabric, cotton, esparto, maguey, jute, for special shine to hard surfaces.



by 36" , 28" or 20" long.

MULTIUSE SCRUBBER: for cleaning and scrubbing toilets, urinals, sinks, showers and baths, BBQs, stoves, etc., with 6 aditaments depending on usage.

SQUEEGEE: 18" or 24", with replaceable rubber blade.

PAD HOLDER: or universal "Insta-lock", 12" to 24", for regular non-woven pads or steel wool pads, with replaceable rubber mat.

FLANGE TURNER: for standingup working, cleaning and polishing floor edges and skirting or baseboards.

FLEXIBLE COUNTERWEIGHT: for regular floor polisher machines, on top of "bell" sand-fill from 10 to 40 pounds.

BASIS FOR GRINDERS: elicoidal and velcro pads, and emeril adapters Frankfurt-to-velcro and elicoidal-to-velcro.

Products distributed directly from their manufacturers, some with their representation.


FLOOR PADS OR Industrial syntetic non-woven pads:
White, Red, Blue, Green and Black, 13", 17" or 20".

STEEL WOOL: American Gr. 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 , 00 and 0000 in reals and hand pads, the best for cleaning, shaving, scrubbing and polishing.

BRONZE: pad fine for crome polishing.

STAINLESS STEEL: pad fine for wet polishing.

ALUMINUM: pad fine for natural aluminum and aircraft polishing.

PRE SOAPED: sponge for home and industrial.

STAINLESS STEEL JUMBO SPONGE: for all fine special scrubbing and cleaning.

Frankfurt Abrasives bricks and Cups Elicoidal Base of Silicon Carbide.

4" Diamond discs Velcro backed, from lippage to fine, extra, super and gloss.
Cutting Diamond disks 4" , 7" , 9" and 14" cut segment, turbo and continuous.
Clutch 5 " for floor standard polishers.